Choose the right goals to create the right ads

In the same way, you would approach your business goal you must also look at what you want to achieve with your Facebook ads. There are different types of ads to choose from based on your marketing goals and where you want your ad to appear (i.e desktop or mobile). For example, are you looking to get customers to sign up for your service or generate traffic? Depending on your goal, each ad needs a different message and call-to-action to get the results you want.

Know your audience to master your marketing

Facebook has a wide range of precise targeting options to give you a higher chance to reach the ideal audience. Therefore, you should have a clear idea of your target audience including their demographics, interests, and locations. You can look at public surveys like Sprout social who recently deep-dived into the behavior of Facebook users, or you do your own surveys to get a more accurate representation of your target audience.

Run ads with images that catch eyes and minds

The images you choose are just as important as the text you choose. Make sure they are captivating, high resolution and related to your brand. One thing to note though is the restrictions of text on images. In short, Facebook restricts ads images from having more than 20% text. Bear this in mind when choosing the ideal image for your ads.

Make your landing page match your message

Decide what action you want your customers to take once they click your ad. Actions come in different forms, including buying your products or signing up for an account. That’s why creating a quality landing page is so important. There is nothing customers dislike more than clicking on an ad and landing on a page that is not aligned with the message they just read.

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